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Commercial RE DCF Software





Commercial Real Estate

for sale in the US





Commercial Real Estate

for sale in the US






Commercial Real Estate

listings in the US









Commercial Real Estate

DCF Software






MLS Free


Commercial IQ



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Wall Street Journal online

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For Sale Bank REO






REO Wells Fargo




For Sale by US Gov't



Vandema Gov't Listings



MLS directory for Commercial Real Estate for sale US!





Land For Sale US, MLS


Nationwide Land MLS Listings Free to search. $30/mo to list. Good methods to search by type of land. Free to search. $25/mo to list. Good methods to search by type of land. Free to search. $20/mo to list.

Free to search. $25/mo to list, unlimited listings. Free listings for land and houses.



Lands of America



Land Banking Specialists


Land directory for Commercial Real Estate for Sale USA!







Nationwide Brokers



Link: USA > For Sale

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Link: USA

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Grubb & Ellis

Link: USA > For Sale

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Sperry Van Ness

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Marcus & Millichap

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Lee & Associates



Cushman & Wakefield



Jones Lang Lasalle



NAI Direct

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Commercial Source, Realtor



Coldwell Banker



Broker directory for Commercial Real Estate for Sale USA!




Tenant Info




Retail Help

Retail Traffic Mag

Dun & Bradstreet


List of RE Trade Publications

BOMA Leasing Guides


Lease space stacking plan software and more









PropBot Forum

Agents Online Forum

Appraisers Forum

Bigger Pockets Forum

CREonline Investing Forum


Commercial Real Estate Distressed Assets Association



RE Investment




Real Estate Investment Clubs



Developer Magazines



Developer Magazines







Nationwide cap rates

for commercial real estate


Cap Rate  Real-world definition






US Market Reports




NAIOP Research Reports Research Reports


MIT charts


Jones Lang Lasalle

General reports on Office, retail, industrial.





Local Market Data, Comps




Commercial appraisers. In the phone book under "real estate, appraisers"


Or find local appraisers here:

Appraisal Institute-members



Real estate local gov't data by state and county


Atherton Company

Commercial Appraisal & Consulting

Technical review, critique, software







Call local commercial appraisers for the best data. US rent comps

Comps by state & market. Plus other data.




Expert Help




Nationwide Commercial Real Estate Help! Consulting, acquisitions, negotiation, comp help, cash flow maximization techniques, marketing help, and more. We are experts in many areas.


Atherton Company




Demographic Info





Excellent, free demographic maps for different economic or population layers. Works like Google Earth!




Building permits, employment, population growth stats and more.


Also call local commercial appraisers for quality information.

















DCF Cash Flow Software

for Commercial RE



Low Price...

Money back guarantee!


Easier, Faster, Better!


Office, retail...any multi tenant

Yield IRR, Cap and more!



































Commercial Real Estate US




Commercial RE USA




Commercial Appraisal





Commercial Appraisal

Templates, Spreadsheets



Discounted Cash Flow

Valuation Software Models








Construction Costs



Marshall & Swift


FW Dodge Construction



US Construction comps





Valuation Consulting




Atherton Company


Commercial real estate valuation consulting services.





US Interest Rates




Interest Rates 10-year Treasury Bill rate is often directly tied to commercial real estate lending rates.


Realty Rates






Real Estate Taxes & Law




Real Estate Law


Real Estate Taxes

Federal Tax Rules






Legal Documents





Free Legal Documents



Total Real Estate Solutions

Microsoft Templates

Forms Guru



$ Legal Documents


Over 60 Of The Highest Quality Real Estate Forms

Downloadable Real Estate Forms


Vandema Forms









Special Property Types



Retail & Office



Golf Course


Land Banking Specialists

Major Manufacturing

C-Store / Gas Station

Car Wash

Mobile Home Park







BOMA Management Guides






Due Diligence Providers


Companies providing outsourced Due Diligence: Call SHC for referral.







Acquisitions Help





Commercial RE Acquisitions


Expert services of

Cash Flow Maximizing, Value Maximizing, Value calculations, Argus runs, or acquistions help for commercial real estate - office, retail, land, subdivisions, and more.


Atherton Company

Reasonable hourly rates

minimum only 2 hrs






















Real Estate Map Making





 List of Online Map Links



Complete Instructions on How to Make Maps in Microsoft Word Send this to your secretary.










Real Estate Maps



BP Maps


Map Info










Income Approach DCF Model

Office, Retail, and more,

in Excel





Residential Subdivision Template

Professional modeling and narrative for Cost, Income, & Sale Approaches

Complete in Word & Excel




Economic Analysis Template Model

Local & U.S. analysis

Complete in Word & Excel




Value & Appraisal Consulting

Commercial real estate valuation, appraisal, and marketing consulting. USA






Conversion Calcs




Four sided lot calcs

Land Size Calculators


Length Conversions


Other Calculators











More about Discounted Cash Flow Valuation Software:


Rent Expenses Value


Do you want an easy to use commercial real estate cash flow software? One with all of your needed measures of Cap Rate, Yield IRR, Present Value, Discounted Value, Terminal Value, Loan schedule & more? ModernValue is an easy solution!


Discounted cash flow software should be easy to use. The computer should make the math and calculations easy. Software should be helpful in learning, and simple to present on screen and on paper. It should be equally useable to a small or large investor or appraiser.  This discounted cash flow valuation model software developed for Excel is an excellent way to create spreadsheets for the highest quality analysis!


Discounted cash flow valuation approach software should be a refined calculator tool for real estate analysis by well-presenting cash flows, line items, dcf, yield analysis / irr, and more. Good software will refine your real estate analysis skills. For more commercial property research or cap rate data go to


Try the commercial real estate valuation software ModernValue today. It makes re analysis easy.


ModernValue is streamlined commercial real estate valuation software. Much more than an ordinary Excel template for commercial real estate valuation, it is professionally designed by a real estate expert.












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