Only $25 per half-hour for consulting work.

Accurate & efficient. Only ... 1 hour minimum.


•  Valuation or analytical help... in any way with your project.


•  ModernValue DCF and final presentations or Argus® DCF models "Argus runs" help.


•  Lease help: Effective rent calculations, lease up cost calculations, lease summaries (see below)


•  Help with ideal financial presentations!


•  Other... call us and ask if we have the tools and know-how to help you.







Examples of Consulting Work done:


DCF and complex valuation help. Office buildings on leased land

   (where buildings later reverted to land owner). San Franciso, California

57 year lease of land. DCF and complex valuation help.

   (land improved with grocery store). San Franciso, California

DCF and an ideal Marketing Brochure. Large ag acreage to residential subdivision. Northern Idaho

DCF and an ideal Marketing Brochure. Boutique retail shopping mall. Arizona

High-end residential subdivision consulting. San Diego, California

Many... complete commercial r.e. appraisals & consulting. Boise, Idaho

Many... free hours of DCF consulting help with buyers of ModernValue DCF software.


















Use ModernValue software or Argus® software


•  ModernValue software is used within Microsoft Excel®. Microsoft Excel® is the most commonly used software for discounted cash flow modeling of commercial investment real estate by appraisers, investors, owners, and more. Microsoft Excel® is accurate, efficient, and powerful.


•  Argus® software is an alternative software used for discounted cash flow modeling of commercial investment real estate. Argus® cash flow outputs are often used in combination with proprietary models in Microsoft Excel®. Argus® runs are popular for institutional-type buyers because these buyers commonly use the Argus® platform; thus, can take a presented Argus® run and simply modify it rather than re-inputting all new data. Many large, medium, and smaller sized buyers don't use Argus®.



Call today for a quote! Fast turnaround times!

*$500 for each ModernValue DCF valuation model with final presentations.

*$700 for each Argus® run digital file.


The above includes you providing us: summarized rent roll, summarized expenses, and assumption detail.


*Add $100 for each additional 5 tenants (above 15 tenant maximum for base price)



Lease summaries "lease abstracts"


Here is what we can do for you:


•  Analyze and summarize ("abstract") each lease to your chosen level of detail. We do this based on valuation relevance. We do not act in place of attorneys. For legal interpretation of leases use an attorney.


$65 per lease for a summary abstract

$125 per lease for a full abstract

$225 per lease for GSA (government) leases


For bulk pricing, please call us.




1) Valuation & software/Excel training


2) Certification Credentials with Specialized Training

● ModernValue Certified ● Certification of understanding of ModernValue Software and underlying income valuation concepts!

● ModernMax Certified ● Certification of highly sophisticated Cash Flow Maximizing techniques. Exceptional for brokers, buyers, & sellers!

 Certifications may include special LOGO's for your professional use. Please call for details!






















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