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Maps that people love to share!


We design maps to awesome clarity. Maps made so helpful and memorable, they will get shared.


Custom designed how you want it. Maps include full permission for any personal or commercial use. For maps add: $10 first map, $5 second map.











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A Share Card gives your friends & clients a reason to share!


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exaggerated... but you get the idea








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How to design your Share Card

When you call, be prepared to talk about YOU! So ask yourself...


        "What is it about me and my business that is shareable?"


             "What is exciting about me?"


                  "What do my customers love?"



Is it...


your smiling face, phone number, location, and open hours on a colorful image?


your images of best selling products, or list of amazing services?


a helpful colorful location map? Make it refreshingly easy for customers to find you with your street map, Google aerial,  familiar landmark, and even the front entrance of the building if that would help.


I will help you work through this so we can create something with maximum shareability.


Ask your friends, clients, & employees to save your Share Card on their phones. Ready to forward to friends & new customers at any moment. Sometimes simple is best, but if you want... copy the link of your website into the words of the text too ... or ask about our new interactive Share Card.

Call today and direct us to design what you want. We can easily pull words & images from your website too.


100% satisfaction guarantee* 

Done in 2 days or less**

Easy save to phone... my Share Card  ▲






Our Purchase Options 


Please call to discuss before or after payment. Thank you!

We strive for perfection and your complete happiness is important to us!



Later changes & updates: Only $15. Always low cost.


Option 1:  $29

For any of the designs on this page and similar.... according to your taste.

You provide all photo, logo, etc. images. We may provide some free stock images.

Reasonable amount of back and forth emails/texts for your checks & edits.

Image done when you give us your final approval as done.

● Add maps: $10 first map, $5 second map.


Option 2:

Same as Option 1, except:

● Add $20 each image, when we find new image for you.

   plus image charges at cost, if any - but you view & approve first.



Extra special design. An artist signature piece. Please call for price.


More than 5 of your images. Add $10, for each additional 5.


Bulk Discount:


More than 1: Multiple types or for multiple people, etc.


Periodic: monthly or every 3 months, etc.

Every month you might text a different VIP offer or coupon, for example.


Please call for discount pricing.



Please call to discuss anything you want before or after payment. Thank you!




100% satisfaction guarantee* 

Done in 2 days or less**       (see Purchase page)



Delivery:  We will send the final image to your phone.


Note: The image file sizes sent phone to phone are good quality and range from only 100k to 500k.


Bonus: Included with purchase... I can email you an original image which you can place on your website (like I have done on this page). Here, customers can download & save your Share Card, from your website, if accessed from their phone. Also, you don't have to ask for their phone number!


Don't have a website? No problem. I can post it at   only $10 per year!



After delivery


Our errors:  Fixed free.


Your errors:  Fixed free within 30 days, if minor.


Later... *Updates & Changes:  Start at $15, for minor changes.






We are selective but for affiliate sales in a unique industry... contact us.



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