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● Our guarantee! 60-day 100% money back if you are not satisfied! (see details at bottom of this page)
Only ModernValue Professional I (limited) is guaranteed. No guarantee on others. No guarantee on upgrades. 

● Upgrade to a higher software version: Simply pay the difference between the versions plus $20.

● We offer complete help through your first valuation!  Up to 2 hours of total, responsive help ... included with purchase!





ModernValue Professional II

This version adds powerful lease rollover features & more!
Replace your Argus cash flow software today!

   $595.00 each


ModernValue Professional II (limited)
(no after-tax, no loans, no partnerships)



   $495.00 each


ModernValue Professional I

Version 1 or 1 Limited have everything that MOST users want!



   $395.00 each



ModernValue Professional I (limited)
(no after-tax, no loans, no partnerships)
Money back guaranteed!


   $295.00 each



ModernValue Lite

Call for this lower priced DCF version. Sent by email. $129




Valuation Help Session 30 minutes




   $25.00 each


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Effective Rent Calculator, ModernValue


   $89.00 each


Lease-Up Cost Calculator, ModernValue


   $89.00 each


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● DCF Software: Our guarantee! 60-day 100% money back if you are not satisfied; but
ModernValue Professional I (limited) is guaranteed. No guarantee on others. No guarantee on upgrades. 
   100% money back if you call and tell us why, and send us a signed letter stating that, after refund, you will immediately delete
   the software completely, no copies will exist in part or whole, and you will not distribute the software to anyone! Include your work

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The elite Business Image



   $29.00 each


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