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Effective Rent Calculator, ModernValue, in Excel®    Only $89.00       Purchase Link 


Solve rents to a comparable rent basis...

For comparing commercial leases:    Solves to Effective Rents, for apples to apples comparisons
For writing a new commercial lease:   Front or rear load a lease to equal a chosen market rent, so equivalent

A smarter, faster, better program for r.e. agents, building owners, tenants, and appraisers.


Includes 4 bonus worksheets:

•  Easy rent steps % calc

•  Adjust rents, FS to NNN

•  Expense allocations to owner or tenant

•  CPI Index data from 1990 to 2016 (and web links to the source data)


Please call and we will explain exactly what this software does.






Lease-Up Cost, ModernValue, in Excel®    Only $89.00       Purchase Link 


Calculate the commercial building ... Lease up Cost (aka a value add)

Vacant to occupied building. What is the total cost?

Sure you know many of these costs… like rent loss, leasing commissions, tenant improvements. But there are more costs... that need to be included.

Suppose your building will have an average occupancy of 95% and vacancy of 5%, and it is currently 50% occupied. Your question is: What is the total expected cost (and value add) to lease the remainder 45%?

This Excel worksheet makes this calculation easy, clear and complete. It is accurate, including the tricky math to determine the months of rent loss for the 45% to lease up, plus 3 other tricky and often overlooked calculations.


Please call if you want a detailed explanation. Thank you.






FastMap Icons   ...for maps in Word® documents 


•  Move arrows and numbers on top of map images in Word

•  Simply copy & paste



How they work: These are simply picture images that float on top of other images, and given to you in a Word document.


How you can program images in the same way in Word:

1) double-click on an image, > position button, > more layout options, > in front of text

2) now move image around document with mouse


   Only $19.95             Purchase link at bottom of each linked page





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