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Most Powerful

Version II


Version I


Version II

Extra Powerful Calculations for...

Includes all of Version 1...     plus these items! 

 •  10-year cash flow projection (expandable 2 to 20 years!)
Rent roll for up to 60 tenants

Unlimited dollars & values
 •  Year 1 Rent auto-blends the mid-year bumps of each lease!
     Accurate to the day!

 •  For office, retail, industrial .... any type of standard commercial
     investment property! (for apartments/multi-plex version - call)



eplaces Argus's powerful features and more!

•  Powerful programming for lease rollovers!
    Roll to Renewals and Market Rent based on renewal probabilities
    for each tenant! Accurate to the day! Powerful behind-the-scenes

 •  More Rent input options:
       Easy Stepped Rent (fixed rent amounts in any year)
       Percentage Rent

       Renewals have multiple easy ways to input, including option
       for rent to renew "at market".


 •  Step-up levels of simple to more complex expense inputs /
     analysis. No over-working a simple analysis!

•  Tenanting Expenses: Easy application for Tenant
     Improvements & Leasing Commissions!

 •  Other: You can separately input non-regular expenses.

•  Powerful programming for lease rollovers, for tenanting expenses! 
Renewal & Market assumptions for tenant improvements, leasing
   commissions, free rent, and vacancy/downtime, etc.
   Default to same for each tenant, or apply different.

•  Stepped expense increases - by line item. Including stepped
    assessed value and stepped tax rate.


 •   Automated returns of Cap Rate, Yield IRR, MIRR, Discount Rate,
     PV, Cash on Cash.

 •   Audit the rent cash flow line for each tenant: Audit-check for
     correct input. All on a single worksheet!

 •   Easy calculation of net end sale price (terminal sale).
 •   Loans  Up to 3 fixed-interest loans + 1 refinance.
     (see below for more detail)

 •  Tax  After tax cash flows. Calculate depreciation benefits.
     (see below for more detail)


 •  Simple toggle to change analysis between Simple and

    Keeping it SIMPLE! So if you want a full valuation before inputting
    Renewals and Market assumptions ... then Toggle Simple.
    If you later input then... Toggle Complex!








  Items below are in BOTH versions 1 and 2!








•  Dashboard overview with sensitivity inputs in one spot!


•  Print & Copy buttons throughout are automated 1-click

   Click Copy, then easily paste into Word.


•  Auto-populate your Company Name throughout!


•  Flexible formats that can be changed.


Inputs are easy
and intuitive!

Important audit-checks! You don't have to go back and check if you forgot what you did!
These are on the Dashboard!

Color coded fonts so you know exactly where to input/overwrite data and which numbers/cells are automated/program cells. Simply, red/maroon font for your inputs, blue/black font for program cells!

Duplicate  Input one lease and copy it so you don't have to re-input same data.

Tech or Valuation Help is readily available when you need it - call or text. We are usually available 7 days a week! If we don't answer your call, simply leave a phone/text message for a quick call back. You can also set up an appointment.






•  Powerful programming automates the complex calculations.


•  Excellent user-clarity on how returns are calculated! Visually and by formula



•  Transparency! Most cells can be easily followed (forward or backward) and the

    formulas are there for you to see how they work!


•  MS Excel  ModernValue is an Excel based program because of its powerful

   programming capability, user-friendly experience, and program stability!





General inflation/Growth
Easily changed - and can vary year by year - in the four separate categories of: rent, expenses, other income, and capital items!

Other Software  You can import cash flow data from other software for a better final analysis within ModernValue. 

Stepped Rent allows for simple inputs of fixed rents for each tenant.



Audit Alerts


Important audit alerts located on the Dashboard Automated double-checks for you!

Some items allow you to change from a steady increase to varying increases/decreases each year. For examples: overall rent and rent vacancy, market rent and market vacancy for each tenant (version 2 only), and inflation categories. But you don't need to be afraid of changing these (you may later forget what you did), because the Dashboard tells you if it is unsteady - alerting you that you made manual changes! And don't worry, your changes are easy to change back to steady!

Other Alerts include: an alert if you inputted any Stepped rents, if you applied After-Tax calculations, if your End Sale was a Capital Gain or Loss, and more!



Reports  Premium designed for placement in professional reports and brochures for investors,
lenders, or buyers and sellers!

Tax  After tax cash flows! Can be simply toggled on/off.
Sophisticated analysis is done on a single worksheet by inputting your marginal tax rates and applying them: Income Tax rate (for yearly income tax), Depreciation Tax savings, and for the final sale - Capital Gain tax and Tax on allowable Recapture of prior depreciation booked. Four different ways to easily apply a value to the land portion (which is taken out of depreciation calculation) - including assessed value, or by simply applying a rule-of-thumb percentage. Worksheet & formulas can be modified (not guaranteed IRS compliant).

  Up to 3 fixed-interest loans and 1 refinance with full amortization tables. Input LTV or loan dollar amount, years of amortization, loan points, interest rate, and apply interest-only. Debt Coverage Ratios calculate for each cash flow year. Amortization table. Other loans types could be added manually.

Miscellaneous Non-regular income and expenses Items can be added - in any year! Input in the year it happens in today's dollars - automation inflates it for you. It is very simple! Inputs here may include: Acquisition costs, partnership expenses, non-regular expenses (example: renovation costs), non-regular income.







4 Automated Graphs of cash flow. Copy & modify as you need.


Helpful notes on items of possible confusion.


Partnerships  Simple and Preferred partnerships. Detailing equity and return proportions. Call or email to get a copy of how preferred is structured.


Break-Even  Easily change rent or vacancy to find Year 1 break-even point, in a stand-alone analysis.


Lease Expiration Chart of Current Leases (fully automated) showing number of tenants expiring, percent of square feet expiring, and dollars expiring each year. (Lenders are interested in these numbers!)  (see Screeshots PDF)





Moving Cap Rate A proper analysis to visualize how Value and Cap Rate can change each year.

Expense Comparable
Data Get comfortable with the reasonableness of your expense line items! Do they appear high or low? This is where sellers manipulate data (besides of course, vacancy and market rent)! You will be an instant pro! Quickly scrap an overpriced property or see opportunity in an underpriced property!

About this Expense Comparable Data: This is hard-to-get, quality data of nationwide properties! This is not second-hand data. It was all obtained by Stuart Haxton over 2 years! Range & median line-item expenses per sf from a large sample of data of: Typical multi-tenant office and retail buildings of $5 million to $10 million in value, in the US. Buildings of one or two levels with parking lots and less than 10 years old. Data compiled over years of 2006 to 2007. Cost outlyer regions (like NY, coastal, depressed regions) excluded from this sample data.

Special Extras!





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