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About Modern Value DCF Software

ModernValue DCF software was developed, beginning in 2004, after years of valuation experience using Excel and other DCF software. The result is a premium, better software.

Achieving an ideal user experience with powerful mathematical accuracy, ModernValue delivers! It is professional investment real estate valuation software with a smooth flowing modern feel. Complete, flexible, and easy to use, it is for the beginner and the advanced professional.

Designed by Stuart Haxton -- real estate acquisitions for a private company ($148 million in 19 transactions), certified commercial real estate appraiser. Formal education: Business Finance degree Appraisal Institute Kahr Argus, NY



About Share Care

Share Card. The elite Business Image for Texting.

Developed in 2016 as a professional & fun way to give out memorable and phone save-able business cards and to promote word of mouth marketing.




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